Sketching amid ferns in Shenandoah National Park

 I began drawing while a student at the University of Virginia, later studied printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University and more recently, advanced painting at Randolph and Lynchburg College.  

My work has been exhibited in juried shows throughout Virginia and can be found at the following galleries.

Lindor Arts, 306 First Street, Roanoke, VA, 24011 

Riverviews Co-Op Gallery, 901 Jefferson St., Lynchburg, VA, 24504    

Artist Statement

For me, painting is:

 1.  Being fully present in the moment, 

 2.  Responding, as a sensory, thinking creature to the world, and

 3.  Communicating in my own unique visual language

I generally paint from life, without photographs.  When I’m plein-air painting, I am fully in the present, observing the line of a tree limb or the effects of light and shadow, and I am often subject to the vagaries of weather, terrain, and biting insects. A small plein air study takes 2-3 hours of this concentrated attention, but seems timeless.  Using these outdoor sketches, I create my studio paintings experimenting with color, shape, and texture, often while listening to music.

In 2015, I retired from a 24-year career as a strings teacher in the Lynchburg City Schools. My greatest hope is that I taught my students to have the courage to risk failure and to develop a habit of consistent practice.  These qualities, along with curiosity, have been the most important to me.  Learning to live with the discomfort and awkwardness of being unsuccessful has been challenging, but a necessary part of the journey.  

I value the many courses, workshops, and artists that have influenced my development, but keep in mind the advice of Robert Henri - “An artist must educate himself, he cannot be educated, he must test things out as they apply to himself; his life is one long investigation of things and his own reaction to them.”